We interviewed the rising indie pop artist known as Avalon Omega. A Los Angeles native that has been doing music for 10 years and counting. After listening to her electronica and chillwave sounds, our goal was to get inside the mind of Avalon Omega to learn a little about her musical world. 

We asked Avalon where did she find inspiration in her music? She replied "nature". That's not hard to figure out if you were to listen to the sounds of her single entiled "Forever Young". Avalon Omega then replied that her music choice for listening is "everything". We would assume that she likes listening and experimenting with many genres of music to create that unique sound of her own, which seperates her from others in the mainstream or whats trending today. 

Avalon Omega plans on releasing new music, videos, and doing tours in the future. Dope-Shish is looking forward to this. When we listen to her music, we understand a sense of passion and ambition. Therefore, we would hope to see success for this rising indie beauty. Please click the photo below and her desired music and social networking links. No excuses. 

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